Glasses into Blinders? Seeing like the EU in a Contested International Order

Webinar organized and held by Working Group 3 – Contestation Convenors: Oriol Costa, Helene Sjursen (tbc) This webinar takes stock of some of the lessons learned regarding the contestation of EU foreign policy, and offers a conceptualization of the next steps forward by making the link between this research and norm literature more explicit. More […]

External Perceptions of the EU as Times of Global Crises: Continuity and Change?

Virtual Panel organized and held by Working Group 2 – Perception and Communication Convenors: Organized and led by Natalia Chaban, co-led by Michele Knodt, Sonia Lucarelli, Ole Elgström and Karine Lisbonne de Vergeron Contributors: Andrea Ribeiro Hoffman, Paula Sandrin, Eric Tremolada, Andrea Quiroga, Roberto Dominguez, Pauline Heinrichs, Babak Bahador, Toni Haastrup, John Kotsopulous, Karine Lisbonne […]

European Foreign Policy and Reflection on the Future of Europe

Webtalk with Colin Scicluna organized by Working Group 1 – New Realities Convenors: Dr. Colin Scicluna (Head of Cabinet, VP Democracy&Demography, European Commission), Prof. Münevver Cebeci (Chair), Prof. Federica Bicchi (Discussant) As part of the COST Action ENTER Week, Working Group 1 presents a Webtalk on EU Foreign Policy with Dr. Colin Scicluna (Head of […]

Marriage of Convenience or Love Match? Right-wing Populist Relations between Israel and Europe

Webtalk at Schader Foundation organized by Working Group 2 – Perception and Communication Convenors: Michèle Knodt, Sharon Pardo, Veith Selk Anti-Semitic and Israelophobic tendencies within right-wing populism are often the subject of critical reporting in Germany. In particular, Viktor Orbán's campaign loaded with anti-Semitic connotations against George Soros has been followed closely in Germany. However, […]

Partnerships in Crisis: The European Union’s Strategic Partnerships in a Turbulent World Arena

Virtual Round Table organized by Working Group 4 – Relations Convenors: Michael Smith, Laura Ferreira-Pereira, Andrew Cottey This virtual round table is presented by Working Group 4 of the ENTER project, which is focused on changes and challenges in the EU’s key global relationships. Its starting point is the network of strategic partnerships established by […]

A Changing World and New Conceptual Approaches in European Studies

Virtual Panel organized by Working Group 1 – New Realities Convenors: Organized and led by F. Aslı Ergül Jorgensen Recently, there has been not only global and regional power shifts, but more nationalist, authoritarian and protectionist discourses have also become important features. At the point of time when we convinced ourselves that global changes were […]

Mapping Contestation of EU Foreign Policy and External Relations: What’s Next?

Webinar organized by Working Group 3 – Contestation Convenors: Dario Čepo The webinar will present the exploratory research and an introductory overview of the elements relevant for mapping contestation of EU external relations. The research, which has been done by Elodie Thevenin, Antonio Karlović, and Dario Čepo, will be used as a springboard for an […]