The volume aims at discussing the manifold consequences the Russian War against Ukraine bears for the European Union and EU Studies, covering six themes and fields. 1) Theories, approaches and concepts in EU studies and IR: How do the changes and challenges brought about by the Ukraine War that followed two crises affect EU Studies? Which consequences should be drawn regarding theories, approaches and concepts of and in EU studies and IR? 2) The EU´s: New narrative: The new setting emphasises all the more that the EU lacks a joint narrative and overall political goal. In a new world order, the EU should be more positioned in this respect. What, then, are elements of the EU´s Overarching narrative? How should the EU come towards defining and enacting it? Is it a task of EU Studies to contribute to this debate? 3) Geopolitics and External Relations: How should the EU position itself in the new world order, why, with which means and goals?, Regarding 4) Democracy and rule of law defence: The EU faces, externally in the global order, numerous challenges regarding democracy and the rule of law. How should the EU react to this? How will it, how should it, shape and defend democracy internally and externally?, 5) Membership Politics: How should the EU deal with the new membership demands? Is there a way in between a full membership and a non-membership? How can a new Eastern partnership be conceived and how enacted?, 6) Strategic autonomy: Which degree of strategic autonomy in crucial sectors such as energy can be obtained by the EU, and how? How should the EU react to the changing world energy order?

This book is an anthology with various contributions from different COST Action ENTER members and the final contribution of the Action. It is the result of joint international cooperation and research within COST.

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