Dissemination and Outreach: Tips and Tricks for Blog Writing

Have you ever wondered how to write an academic blogpost? Or how to communicate your research results to the broader public? If yes, this event is for you!

Research dissemination and communication is an important aspect of academic endeavours, although in practice often overshadowed by other academic tasks. Experienced scholars, editors and writers will share some tips on how to contribute to the academic debate via other means than academic papers, as well as how to get out of the purely academic bubble. A variety of dissemination supports and projects will be discussed throughout this event from academic blogposts to op-ed articles, as well as scripted interventions for radio or podcasts.

Monday 9th January 2023, 2:00–03:30 pm (CET), online via Zoom

Registration until Thursday, 5th January 2023, via email to elodie.thevenin@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Detailed information about the event can be accessed here.