WG 2 Leader Jan Osička hosts section on “Energy Politics in Europe and Beyond” at ECPR General Conference

WG 2 Leader Jan Osička together with Kacper Szulecki hosted the section “Energy Politics in Europe and Beyond” at this year’s ECPR General Conference from 24-28 August 2020.

The section dealt with emerging issues in energy governance in Europe and beyond. It discussed the burning socio-political questions surrounding the ongoing energy transition such as public contestation of transition policies or energy justice. More than 25 unique presentations were held in the following panels:

  • From the Energy Union to the Green Deal for Europe: The European Commission as an entrepreneur of EU energy policy
  • Just transitions: Trade-offs and synergies between social and environmental sustainability
  • Dilemmas of energy and climate coupling
  • Public Contestations of Energy Transitions
  • Political feasibility of energy transitions
  • Populism, political polarization and energy transitions
  • Protests against energy infrastructures. Legitimate practices of resistance or threat to democracy?

More details on the section are available here.