Picture of Catarina M. Liberato in a park

Virtual Mobility Grant on Post-Brexit Foreign Policy: UK-EU relations

Catarina M. Liberato, PhD Candidate at the University of Kent, received a Virtual Mobility Grant (VMG) to organise a webinar series on Post-Brexit Foreign Policy: UK-EU relations. In the European Union after Brexit, it is important to promote collaboration between researchers in both parts. Discussing the foreign policy post-Brexit relations is essential to perceive the challenges and propose solutions. The main objective of the webinar series is to promote scientific discussion on post-Brexit relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union. It will create space for collaboration between ENTER COST Action researchers.

The launching event will take place in September 2021. This initiative aims to promote a collaborative space of discussion where Early Career Researchers (ECR), namely PhD students, are welcome to present their views alongside senior researchers. Afterwards, a webinar series with three events (running in October 2021) will be organised where there will be an opportunity to disseminate the scientific expertise. Members from the four different working groups (WGs) are encouraged to work together, providing space for debate that encompasses different topics of interest among ENTER COST members.

More about Catarina M. Liberato: Catarina is a PhD Candidate at the School of Politics and International Relations (SPIR) of the University of Kent (UK), since September 2020. She is also a member of the Global Europe Centre (GEC) and integrates the Comparative Politics Group (CPG) of the SPIR. Her scientific interests focus on topics as Theory of International Relations, Foreign Policy, European Affairs, and Brexit through a mixed-methods approach. Particularly, her PhD project is dedicated to British Foreign Policy construction in the Brexit context.

Catarina M. Liberato is happy to receive suggestions or letters of interest accompanied by a preliminary title/topic to the September event, during the month of August 2021, by email: cmll3[at]kent.ac.uk