Dr. Eleftheria Markozani holding a speech

Virtual Mobility Grant on EU external Governance

Dr. Eleftheria Markozani, from the University of Piraeus, Greece, has undertaken the Virtual Mobility Grant on EU external governance. The ENTER Action Virtual Mobility Grant concerns the realisation of an expert survey on EU external governance aspects. The survey’s objective is to produce a comprehensive report on the expert views of the network’s participating members on EU external governance of cooperation and relation with its neighbouring states ( ENP states) in the area of Eastern Mediterranean. The survey focuses on issues of migration and security. The focus areas of migration and security have been chosen in response to contemporary challenges for EU foreign policy in the region of Eastern Mediterranean.Through the expert survey, we will try to conceptualize the new realities in the relations between EU and its neighbouring states which are major players in Eastern Mediterranean and the EU maintains relations of interdependence. Emphasis will be given to states such as Turkey and Libya which are vital actors for the preservation of stability in the area. The survey will try to estimate and interpret the forms, effectiveness, the means and the challenges for EU foreign policy and external governance, using the analytical framework and principles of EU’s external governance elaborated by Sandra Lavenex as a starting point. The survey aspires to frame the fluid forms of EU external governance of cooperation and relations with these states,its successes, challenges and pitfalls, trying to offer academic clarity to this subject by taking note of the collective knowledge of the experts of the ENTER Action.