Roundtable on Solidarity in Times of Russia‘s War on Ukraine

Webinar Solidarity on September 16, 2022 carried out by Melbourne Eurasianist

Action Chair Michèle Knodt and Vice-Leader WG2 Natalia Chaban talked about Solidarity in Times of Russia‘s War on Ukraine on a Panel with her excellency of the EU in New Zealand Nina Obermeier and his excellency of Ukraine Vasyl Myroshnychenko in Australia.

Solidarity has served as a fundamental norm or motive for peaceful integration since the beginning of European integration after the Second World War. The Lisbon Treaty strengthened the principle of solidarity and brought it to the attention of European citizens as well as social scientists. European solidarity can occur within or across government levels as well as between different actors including individuals and countries alike. We can witness not only supranational solidarity but also intergovernmental and transnational solidarity in times of Russia’s war on Ukraine. The contribution talked about the individual solidarity towards Ukraine refugees in Germany as well as the European solidarity in case of potential gas and electricity crisis among European member states.