Hola from STSM in Zaragoza

Sylwia K. Mazur was on an STSM to Zaragoza. Here’s what she tells us about her experiences:

“The choice of Zaragoza as a STSM destination was obvious. When dealing with European Union foreign policy the cleavage between eastern and southern perspective is hard to go unnoticed. Thanks to the COST Action ENTER support I was able to start my research on the role of values in EU foreign policy which, after summer, I will continue in the USA. I would also like to take this opportunity and thank prof. Natividad Fernandez-Sola for her supervision and the best kind of hospitality visiting researcher can ask for.

Bonus: Francisco Goya was trained in the craft of painting in Zaragoza. His work can be seen at Museo Goya and Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar.”