Hola from an STSM to Zaragoza in Spain

Dr. Zerrin Savasan from the Selçuk University in Konya (Turkey) sent us impressions from her STSM:

Travelling and researching has always been at the core of my life, so, the pandemic conditions and travel restrictions brought after, have been really challenging for me throughout this year. While I would make my research visit months ago, due to the postpones, I could make it very recently in September 2021. But still, thanks to the COST Action ENTER support via STSM, I found an excellent opportunity to talk, discuss and exchange ideas on my research topic with kind, welcoming colleagues very-well experienced in their fields in Zaragoza University, Law Faculty, and so, looking forward to fostering collaborations with them in the future as well.

Besides hard working academically, this STSM also provided me a great opportunity to discover more Zaragoza, one of Europe’s great monumental cities, with its stunning Basilica of El Pilar, among many others to explore.

It is indeed home to lots of grand monuments, palaces with also a range of museums, art galleries, theaters. However, mainly, there are two cultural routes in Zaragoza: 1. The footsteps of famous Spanish artist Francisco de Goya (see at: Ibercaja Museum Zaragoza Goya), 2. The Roman past of Zaragoza (see at: Caesar Augusta Theatre Museum, among others). So, you can also learn a lot on its history including not just the Romans, the Moors and the Christian kings which all has left somehow their signs on the city.



















Furthermore, for discovering its culture and lifestyle, you should experience its typical dishes, particularly, its traditional ‘tapas’ available in most restaurants and bars.

In short, this STSM process has been a ‘gem’ for me to deepen and refresh myself in not only academic ways; but also, in historical, cultural, and social ways. I am so very thankful to the COST ENTER team for their sincere help and collaboration. Last but not least, many thanks to Prof. Natividad Fernandez-Sola and Prof. Stelios Stavridis and to the library staff for their warm help and support on source search. Muchas Gracias!