COST Action ENTER at the ECPR General Conference, Virtual Event, 30 August – 3 September 2021

We are happy to announce that once again many COST Action ENTER members will be represented at the upcoming ECPR General Conference on 30 August – 3 September 2021 and will host several sections and panels. Among many we would like to highlight the following:

·         Franziska Petri and our ECIN-Coordinator Elodie Thevenin together with Chair and Vice-Leader WG2 Michèle Knodt are hosting Section No. S56 “The Contestation of EU Foreign Policy”. The section aims to analyse EU foreign policy in the new environment, answering the question of: how has internal and external contestation impacted the EU’s capacity to act in the international arena? More than 35 unique presentations will be held in the following panels:

          De-Europeanization and the Contestation of EU Foreign Policy (P089)

          Emerging New External Policies? Patterns of Contestation of Previously Internal EU Policies (P124)

          EU External Action: Contested Supranational Leadership? (P137)

          EU foreign policy contested from all sides? The roles of various actors in EUFP contestation (P138)

          The Common Foreign and Security Policy at 30: Moving Past Contestation? (P402)

          The Common Foreign and Security Policy at 30: Old Issues and Novel Challenges (P403)

          The Common Security and Defence Policies: Contested Capacities? (P404)

          The EU and the Eurasian Economic Union: A Double Contested Relationship? (P415)

          The usual suspect? Drivers, attitudes and politics of contestation of EU trade policy (P452)

Moreover, the Section Chairs warmly welcome you to the Speed Networking session (P509) on Tues., 12:30 – 13:00 (31/08/2021).


·         WG 2 Leader Jan Osička together with Kacper Szulecki will host Section No. S20 called “Energy Policy, Politics and Governance”. Within this section six panels are planned dealing with general issues such as: the interplay between integration and fragmentation in energy politics, trade-offs and synergies between energy policy goals, or legitimacy and acceptance of disruptive policy and technological innovations:

          Contracting for Climate Mitigation? Achieving the Paris Goals (P068)

          Coordination, determination, contestation and other challenges of the energy transition (P069)

          Engendering the global energy transition: the search for a social-just energy policy (P129)

          Justice and fairness in the global energy transition (P223)

          The Rise of Hydrogen Politics: Strategies – Conflicts – Cooperation (P448)

          What’s new in energy governance? (P469)


For more information on Sections and Panels at the ECPR General Conference, please visit the homepage: For experiencing the event to the full, even if you don’t have an accepted proposal, you can still registrate as an Observer here: We thank you for your engagement and wish you a successful event!