Dr. Jonas Schoenefeld, back row, 4th from the left

COST ENTER Manager Dr. Jonas Schoenefeld at Action Sustainability Event

COST ENTER Manager and MC Member Dr. Jonas Schoenefeld represented COST Action ENTER (CA17119) and COST Action INOGOV (IS1309) at the COST Academy Networking event on the Sustainability of Actions. Primilarly attended by current and former Action chairs, the event was an opportunity to discuss efforts to ensure the continuation of COST actions beyond their funding lifetime. Key ideas emerging from the meeting include founding an association, setting up a book series or producing a land-mark, integrative scientific communication. The environmental sustainability of COST activities was also subject to significant debate, with a conclusion that the COST Association should produce a sustainability strategy of its own.

Dr. Jonas Schoenefeld, back row, 4th from the left.

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