Another COST Action ENTER Short Term Scientific Mission completed: Maria Diacon at the University of Latvia

In my Short-Term Scientific Mission in the framework of the COST Action ENTER I had the main purpose to analyze the perception and the implication of philo-Russian representatives in the process of European integration in Latvia.

During my Short-Term Scientific Mission the activities carried out were linked directly with the purpose of Working Group 2: Perception, which focuses on the European Union’s external and internal image.

In a row, I can mention here the activities realized accomplished best results. First of all I tried to find out the most relevant scientific publications in Latvia and the Republic of Moldova on the subject, in order to obtain a historiographical analysis on the subject.

At the very beginning I had the big opportunity to visit the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Latvia, obtaining an interview with the ambassador Eugen Revenco. He confirmed that Latvian society could serve as a very positive example on the importance and support of Russian speaking in defining of the euro integration process.

Another interesting activity was the participation in the workshop on Societal Security, organized under the Baltic Sea Security Initiative. I had the opportunity to interview the organizers who are very involved in security in the Baltic region. This offered a different perspective, but a very useful one.

During all my presence at the University of Latvia I disseminated the questionnaire to students from bachelor level and for master level. The answers are to be analyzed.

Also, I had the possibility to visit the house of the European Parliament in Latvia and realized a very interesting interview with the head of the institution Marta Ribele. She provided very valuable information regarding the participation of Latvians in parliamentary elections and the main topics that may be on the agenda of the European Parliament and which she considers necessary to improve for the quality of their life.

On the two last days I had the possibility to participate and to teach students from bachelor level and from master level, subjects were linked with European integration of the Republic of Moldova process and Security on the Black Sea Region.