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COST Action ENTER merges two working groups

In fall 2019 COST Action ENTER member and Working Group 4 “Communication” leader Prof. Dr. Franziska Müller received a prestigious call to the University of Hamburg. For COST Action ENTER this unfortunatly meant that Franziska Müller laid down WG leadership. Against this background the Management Committee of COST Action ENTER took the opportunity to discuss […]

The Emerging Harder Soft Governance of the EU Renewable Energy Expansion

Deploying renewable energy technologies is a key way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but the EU’s own Environment Agency warned in late 2019 that current policy efforts are insufficient to reach the 2030 renewable energy targets. In a new open access paper, COST Action ENTER member Jonas Schoenefeld and COST Action ENTER chair Michèle Knodt […]

Fourth COST Action ENTER Policy Brief published

Our fourth Policy Brief is published. “Towards the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Review Conference: EU Policy on Nuclear Non-proliferation” by Şebnem Udum This policy brief addresses some of the challenges the European Union faces when dealing with nuclear non-proliferation issues, in particular in the context of the implementation of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, and offers some […]

COST Action ENTER Short Term Scientific Mission completed: Stephan Keukeleire at IAI in Rome in times of Corona (and facing academic dilemmas)

The purpose of the Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) in Rome was preparing a new publication on “Decentring European Foreign Policy Analysis in a non-European world”, following my 2018 article on the same theme in Cooperation and Conflict with Sharon Lecocq. The affiliation with our COST partners in Rome, Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), would allow […]

Third COST Action ENTER Policy Brief published

Our third Policy Brief is published. “Contestation of EU Foreign Policy: When in Doubt, Do Politics” by Oriol Costa This policy brief assesses the sources of contestation of EU foreign policy and recommends to the EU to avoid the erosion of expert culture of Council working groups, but to embrace contestation when contestation is significant […]