Working Group 4: Communication


Working Group 4 is led on an interim-basis by the COST Action ENTER Chair Prof. Dr. Michèle Knodt

Our goals

Our main research interest is devoted to the EU’s diplomatic instruments, its strategic partnerships, political dialogues, and its capacities as an – albeit contested – normative power. Over the past decades, political dialogue has advanced as a flexible, multi-purpose tool to express the EU’s multiplicity of voices. We aim to explore the EU’s discursive powers and the ways in which political dialogue is mobilized to acquire consent and coin European narratives. Zooming in on “new realities”, we will, on the one hand, concentrate on specific topics such as the EU’s strategic standing in the Middle East region, questions of EU-Africa relations and development, or the role of the EEAS as a communicative actor and dialogical power. Furthermore, we will explore external perceptions of the EU as an aspirant super power. We will focus on images, frames, perceptions and narratives projected by the EU – and understood by audiences inside the EU, in the European neighbourhood and around the world.

Our activities

Our upcoming activities include publications, conference panels and a workshop.

How to participate

Please contact the Working Group leader in order to join the mailing list.